Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's all say it together...


Thank you sweet Lord for this cooler weather!  How refreshing and rejuvenating it is to our spirits, our land, and our animals.  It made me realize how stuck I was in the monotony of the hot dry days.  And this says it all about several areas of my life lately.  Just stuck.  "Why isn't this changing in my life Lord, we've been chatting about it for quite a while".  Oh, I see.  "Try doing something different and maybe, just maybe, you'll see some new results."  We all know this to be true and have heard it a million times.  But the good Lord has gently reminded me in the past few weeks.  Thanks for the reminder Big Guy!

And this parenting thing.  UGH!  I feel like an epic fail every day.  But there He is again, with His gentle and loving reminders and encouragement.  "Try this, see if it works better for ya..."

The marriage and the cute guy who wears my ring?  Once again, a new season that requires tons of purposeful effort and prayer.  God is working, I can feel Him.  We just attended an amazing marriage seminar with Jimmy and Karen Evans.  Giving God all the glory for providing this opportunity for us.  We had an awesome time together and learned so much about how to be better for the other.  Doing something different and seeing different (and amazing) results.  I hear ya Lord!

So a few changes today, goals to get "unstuck".  So thankful for my Lord who whispers the reminders and the encouragements in my stubborn ears.  Headed to the back porch to drink my coffee, watch the kids play in the cool damp grass, and chat with God about me doing things a little different.

Matthew 5:6  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

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